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With A Covid Vaccine Ready, Zoom Stock Looks Overvalued

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In fact, this particular end of month buying and carrying over into the new month bias is well known on a calendar basis. For perspective, our indicative theme of Work And Learn From Home boutiques near me s is up by over 190% year-to-date on an equally weighted basis. By offering the world's most extensive and highly regarded free digital design resource, French has created a powerful new means to enhance the work of creative people everywhere. They just have to follow the tenet that used to work in the old days. Crystal Lake may have purchased the stock to support the market price of the stock, to provide shares for resale to employees, or for reissuance to employees as a bonus according to stock purchase agreements. On February 25, Madison County Rocks Inc., a marble contractor, issued for cash 120,000 shares of $36 par common stock at $40, and on June 3, it issued for cash 50,000 shares of preferred stock, $8 par at $9.

On February 17 of the current year, Irrigate Smart Inc. reacquired 50,000 shares of its common stock at $12 per share. Workplace Products Inc., a wholesaler of office products, was organized on February 1 of the current year, with an authorization of 10,000 shares of preferred 2% stock, $120 par and 250,000 shares of $25 par common stock. On August 5, Synthetic Carpet Inc., a carpet wholesaler, issued for cash 500,000 shares of no-par common stock (with a stated value of $1) at $3, and on December 17, it issued for cash 5,000 shares of preferred stock, $180 par at $200. Journalize the entries for August 5 and December 17, assuming that the common stock is to be credited with the stated value. Common stock, no par, $14 stated value . Willow Creek Nursery, with an authorization of 75,000 shares of preferred stock and 200,000 shares of common stock, completed several transactions involving its stock on October 1, the first day of operations.